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May 22 2016
by Fresh U Editors

A New Study Suggests That Alcohol Intervention Programs Have No Effect on Frat Guys

By Fresh U Editors - May 22 2016

According to a new study reported by NBC News, fraternity brothers are potentially more resistant to alcohol abuse interventions. 


The study published in Health Psychology, suggests that the "tried and true" intervention methods to reduce alcohol abuse in individuals were much less effective for students in fraternities. 

The results were found by analyzing the results of 15 earlier studies, which analyzed the success of interventions – things like alcohol education, feedback on alcohol use, strategies to drink less – in 21 fraternity members. 

Lori Scott-Sheldon, an associate professor at the Brown University Medical School and a senior scientist at the Miriam Hospital, said to NBC News: "It was unexpected. We thought they would work as they did in the broader student population. It may just be more challenging to act on your intentions if the environment endorses alcohol use."

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