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May 05 2016
by Fresh U Editors

A High School Student Was Arrested For Exposing Himself In A Yearbook Photo

By Fresh U Editors - May 05 2016

A student at Red Mountain High school got into major trouble when he thought it would be funny to expose himself for his football team's yearbook photo. 

Hunter Osborn, 19, was dared to expose his penis in a photo of the football team, which was ultimately circulated to 3,400 in the football program and printed in the school yearbook. 

Hunter was arrested and charged with 69 counts of indecent exposure (he exposed himself while he was in the room with others) and one count, a felony, of furnishing harmful items to minors. 

Despite the fact that this was obviously a dumb move, Hunter's classmates think the charges against him are too harsh, and that the crime doesn't really fit the punishment, according to KPHO/KTVK. They also started a petition (which now has over 6,000 signatures) to have the charges dropped and started #FreeHunter on Twitter defending him. 

It seems the support for Hunter has paid off, as it was announced on Wednesday that the charges against Hunter would be dropped, according to AZ Central

Let this be a lesson that sometimes pranks can backfire, and it's definitely never a good idea to expose yourself in a room full of people. 

Lead Image Credit: KPHO/KTVK

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