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May 02 2016
by Fresh U Editors

A Beautiful, Modern-Day Love Story Took Place On The UW Madison Snap Story

By Fresh U Editors - May 02 2016

Finding love in 2016 is a wild ride. 

In a story that's begging to be made into a feature-length romantic comedy, a missed connection between two college students was documented in a gripping Snapchat story, reported on by The Tab

One college student posted on Snapchat that she had seen a guy in a Vikings Jersey on the UW-Madison snapchat story, and that she was "seriously in love" with him. 

Then he responded on the Snap story! "To the girl in Memorial Library..." And tells her a location to meet him at.

She didn't see his post on the Snap story unfortunately, but posts another snap saying, "If it's fate, I'll see you out tonight."

At this point, Snapchat has actually made a custom geofilter for this story. What a world. 

Other students at UW Madison also joined in on the fun, poking fun at the thought of finding love on Snapchat.

And they wanted to know how the love story played out. 

Snapchat even updated the geotag to show her location:

And eventually, they did meet up. 

This is the love story that will define our generation for years to come. Watch the entire, beautiful video below:

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