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Jan 30 2017
by Fresh U Editors

9 Struggles of Having to Rely on Water Fountains

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 30 2017

Hydration is incredibly important to ensuring health, and most college students can be seen carrying water bottles around campus. When you don't have a water bottle, however, or when you need to refill yours, you're often left at the mercy of water fountains. While helpful, there are some definitely pitfalls of needing to rely on water fountains to stay hydrated. Here are just nine of them.

1. Nonexistent water pressure.

Some water fountains provide a steady stream of water without any difficulties. With others, it's difficult to produce even the thinnest, weakest stream of water, which means that you're stuck standing at the water fountain for what feels like forever as you drink or your water bottle fills.

2. Potential germs.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people use the same water fountains as you ever single day. Even if they're cleaned on a regular basis, there's still a good chance that some unpleasant bacteria is growing on the spout where you're putting your mouth.

3. Lack of temperature control.

There's no temperature control dial on a water fountain, which means that you might end up with water that's warm or even hot, which is the last thing you want when you're looking for a drink.

4. Lack of availability.

Depending on the building you're in (your dorm, an academic building, the library), you may have trouble finding a water fountain that you can use, which means that you're stuck without water until you can find one.

5. Tricky spouts.

If you're trying to refill a water bottle using the spout from a water fountain, you're guaranteed to have trouble: either the water will hit your bottle at an awkward angle, or you'll end up spilling half of the water out of your water bottle as you fill it, or you won't even be able to fit your water bottle under the spout in the first place

6. Water taste.

Depending on where the water's coming from, the state of the pipes might make the water in your water fountain taste strange.

7. Water wastage.

As mentioned above, you may end up spilling half of your water bottle as you're trying to fill it. Even if you're just drinking from the spout, you may end up splashing water on the floor.

8. Your hair might get wet.

If you have long hair and are drinking directly from the fountain, you run the risk of your hair falling into the stream of water and getting it wet, which is definitely not what you want.

9. Lack of portability.

If you don't have a water bottle and are relying on drinking fountains alone for hydration, you won't be able to take your water with you. This will mean tracking down a water fountain every time you need a drink.

At the end of the day, water is water, and we should all be grateful to have access to it. Invest in a good-quality reusable water bottle and fill it up while you can, and above all else, make sure to stay hydrated!

Lead Image Credit: Gregg Stokes via Flickr Creative Commons

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