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Jan 06 2017
by Fresh U Editors

9 String Lights to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Cozier

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 06 2017

The colder months can seem unwelcoming and dark — lighten up your dorm and make it a lot cozier by considering adding string lights to your decor. Not only are they totally "in" right now, but their soft glow has a magical, fireside-like feel to them.

1. These Copper Fairy Lights


Attached on bendable wire, these lights are perfect for wrapping around your bed posts, desk, windows, bookshelf and more! You could even use them to fill empty jars in your dorm for that firefly-like look. Plus, the copper color makes their light glow even warmer!

2. These LED Globe Lights


Want a more vintage look to your dorm? These lights are perfect for that! They emit more light too, so they're perfect to hang over your desk as an added light accessory for those late-night study sessions. 

3. These LED Curtain Lights


These string lights are perfect for making any drab window turn fab. Pair them with some sheer or lightly colored curtains for an added, cozier effect. You could even try picking up some tulle as window curtains! 

4. These Colorful LED Globe Lights


If you want a bit of color, these lights are perfect for you! They're funky and vibrant and will make your dorm room feel super homey. 

5. These Lotus Flower Lights


With an ode to nature, these lights are shaped like lotus flowers and are just as pretty to the eye as their soft glow itself. They're the perfect accessory to any flower or nature inspired room, or as an accent piece as a whole.

6. These LED Photo-Clip Lights


Want some lights that also display your favorite pictures? Then these clip lights are the best choice for you! 

7. These Star-Shaped Lights


Because who doesn't want star-shaped twinkle lights? These would be perfect hung up above your bed. Imagine falling asleep to the stars above your head!

8. These Lantern Lights


These lantern lights are dream-like in appearance. They're not just super fancy, but also very relaxing to look at. Hang them up to make an entire wall glow! 

9. These Mason Jar Fairy Lights


Fairy lights in mason jars? Sign me up please!

These are just a few of the string light styles available for your dorm. There are various other lanterns, shapes and colors. Fresh U suggests hanging some string lights up to make your dorm feel warmer and cozier during the next few months!

Lead Image Credit: Burly Vinson via Pexels

Editor's Note: As part of Amazon's affiliate program, Fresh U may receive a small percentage of sales resulting from this post. 

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