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Jan 23 2017
by Fresh U Editors

9 Must-Have Items for the Wanderlusting College Student

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 23 2017

College can come with it's up's and down's. You're growing up — but  you're not quite old enough to do all that world traveling you've been dying to do. How do you solve that? Since you're broke and stuck in school, you have to resort to your imagination — and some seriously inspirational decor to make your dorm room a little more worldly, as well as some personal items to feed your traveling mind.

1. Vintage Map Wall Tapestry


Nothing says trendy like a vintage world map on a tapestry. The neutral colors of  this tapestry will go in any dorm room and it will (hopefully) help inspire your future travels.

2. A Mini Globe


If a tapestry just won't cut it for ya, this four-inch globe sure will. It's bound to look great on your desk!

3. Travel Journal


This travel journal is great to help you plan your future adventures as well as map out your current ones.

4. This "Adventure Awaits" Pillow


Imagine having this pillow lying on your futon or bed — it's a constant reminder of all the adventures waiting for you in your near future!

5. Vintage Postcards


Postcards are an easy way to decorate your walls and inspire yourself to travel. These are perfect for just that since they highlight American and European travel.

6. This "Seek Adventure" Coffee Mug


Made to look like an old-school camping mug, this mug is the perfect accessory to capture your wanderlusting ways (and enjoy some much – needed caffeine when cramming for upcoming exams).

7. Some Passport Stickers


Not meant for your *actual* passport, these are a fun way to decorate your travel journal, planner, books, bulletin board, letters to friends, etc. This pack comes with 480 stickers for less than $5!

8. A World Travel Tracker Map


Super trendy right now, this scratch – off map allows you to mark the various places you've visited across the world. Though it may not have many scratched – off spots at the moment, now is a great time to buy it — so you can watch your progress grow!

9. This World Map Duffle Bag


Duffle bags are the perfect item for college students because they make traveling all that much easier. Even if you're only using it to go home, keep in mind that it will make a great carry – on for all of your future adventures! Find it here.

Here at Fresh U, we know college can be hard — especially when you're dying to see the world. Hopefully some of these items can help you out.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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