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Oct 24 2015
by Fresh U Editors

9 Extremely Important Things To Do Besides Study

By Fresh U Editors - Oct 24 2015

1. Organize Your Entire Room

Never mind that you have three tests tomorrow and a 10 page paper due this week -- your room is a mess and obviously needs to be cleaned right now! Listen to your heart on this one, and organize your room from top to bottom. Don't just organize it on the surface; go deep into the unorganized mess that you call your room. Put your books in alphabetical order, organize your closet by color, brand or season! Heck, while you're at it, match all of your socks. It's the important details like this that elevate the importance of this task above studying. Make sure no corner or shelf goes unorganized. Now that your room is clear and mess-free, you should be able to study without distraction. Right? 

2. Unfriend and Unfollow People on Social Media

Wrong! How can you possibly focus on studying when there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people you follow on social media that you don't care about at all? This clearly take precedence over studying. After all, you should surround yourself with people who will encourage your success, not people who crowd your social media feeds with spammy videos. This is important to your overall success and well-being not just as a student, but as a person. So take a few hours to scroll through Facebook and Twitter and get rid of the people who you could do without. As a relieved, light-weight feeling spreads over you, you think: Now I am finally ready to hit the books. But then you remember: when was the last time you texted random acquaintances just to check up?

3. Rekindle Old Bonds

It's hard to focus on studying when you feel guilty about letting certain friendships fall by the wayside. What better time to restart a friendship than right now? This one is pretty easy. Just go through your contacts and see who you haven't texted in a few months. Send them a short message such as, "Hi, long time no talk", or "Hey stranger". The person on the receiving end of that text message will obviously be delighted to hear from you, and by the end of your forced conversation, you'll have made plans to get coffee sometime in the non-existent future. Since your social life is back on track, you can finally focus on cramming for this test. Except you just realized how hungry you are after improving your quality of life. 

4. Eat Food

College campuses have no shortage of quality food. From Chipotle to local restaurants to the never-ending dining hall buffet, there's no wrong time to eat something. And it's hard to focus on studying when you're hungry! So with good intentions, you slip out of your dorm and head over to Chipotle. The lines takes 40 minutes to get through, but your burrito bowl is worth the wait. Productivity never tasted so good. While you're eating your burrito, you figure now would be a good time to organize your thoughts and figure out what you still have left to do. 

5. Make A List

A to-do list can aid your productivity and create the illusion of progress. When you write something down, you're already one step ahead of the person who doesn't even know you have a test on Monday. With that thought in mind, you happily write down all the things you know you have to do before day's end. You cross "get food" off your list, and already feel more accomplished than ever. As you're writing your list, you can't help but remember that it's been two whole days since you talked to your Mom on the phone. You throw out your Chipotle and make your way back to your dorm, calling your Mom on the way. 

6. Call Your Mom

Moms are a college student's best friend. She listens to you when you're stressed out, she trash talks your enemies, and she sends you care packages with candy and practical things like tissues and cold medicine. Your Mom will be more than happy to hear from you. After talking with her for an hour, you tell her you have to get back to work. She sends you an emoji-filled text and says she's proud of you for working so hard. 

7. Work Out

After such a long day, you realize you've neglected your physical health. So you decide to go for a short run to clear your head before finally sitting down to study. As you go for a run around your campus, you realize just how pretty this school you call your home is. You snap a few pictures for Instagram. 

8. Browse Social Media

After posting your campus picture to Instagram, you realize that you've been so busy all day that you've barely even looked at social media. So you go through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Good thing you got rid of all those people you didn't care about!

9. Sleep

It's been an exhausting, clearly productive day. No, you never got around to studying but you sure improved your overall well-being. Aren't most test answers common sense anyways? You get ready for bed knowing that sleep is the best way to prepare for the academic struggles that lie ahead. You fall asleep, content with another day's work. 

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