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Nov 03 2016
by Fresh U Editors

8 Underrated Amazing Daily Feelings

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 03 2016

For a lot of college students, we are always told to look into the future or at the bigger picture of life. Usually, this leads to freak outs about majors, careers, classes and especially tests. We are expected to plan out the whole rest of our lives in just a short four years, while also somehow making the best friends we'll ever have and having the time of our lives before entering the "real world." Because of this constant stress, college students oftentimes forget to see the beauty in every day life: just the little things that should bring you joy or make you smile for a second during one of your normally mundane days. Here are a few examples to look out for!

1. Seeing a dog on campus.

2. Getting free food.

3. Having the time to take a really good nap.

4. Taking your uncomfortable clothes off at the end of the day.

5. Having an unusually satisfying cup of coffee/tea.

6. Improving your "unorthodox" skills.

7. Random compliments.

8. When the dining hall has your favorite food.

So if you ever find yourself down in the dumps of traditional college life, try to think of at least one little thing that made your day today! The more positive and happy you convince yourself to be, the more it will be real in the long run. Try to keep your chin up through all of your responsibilities and don't forget to smile. (You could make someone's day!)

Lead Image Credit: James Douglas via Unsplash

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