Night classes are the bane of every college student’s existence: just when you think your day is over, you have to leave your comfortable bed and spend another hour and a half in a lecture hall. Here are just a few thoughts that you have while sitting in your night class.

1. Why did I do this to myself?

You could have taken this class earlier in the day, or another semester when it’s offered at a different time. But no, you decided to take it at night, and you’re going to regret it every day for the rest of the semester.

2. No one will notice if I fall asleep.

If you’re in a hundred-person lecture hall and you grab a seat near the back, there’s probably a chance that your professor won’t notice if you fall asleep.

3. How much do I really want to take this class?

Is your major really worth it? If you changed majors, would you have to take night classes?

4. I could be sleeping/doing homework/watching Netflix right now.

Being at class during the day isn’t a huge deal, but when you’re at class at night, you’re painfully aware of how much free time you’re missing by being in class.

5. Walking home is going to be terrible.

It’s going to be so much much harder to walk home after class than it would be during the day: it’ll be dark, it’ll be cold, and if you’re walking by yourself through an empty stretch of campus, it’ll be creepy.

6. I should go to the library afterwards.

You’re already out and about and you have mountains of homework to do. You should head to the library when your class is over and get a head start on it, but are you going to do that? Probably not.

7. How does everyone have so much energy?

How does your professor manage to stay focused on the material? How are people managing to participate? All you want to do is burrow into your seat and sleep.

8. I’m never doing this again.

Taking a night class was the biggest mistake you could have made. When registration for next semester comes around, you’ve decided you’re never going to take a night class again.

Night classes are difficult, but they’re possible to get through if you come prepared. Stock up on caffeine, rest when you can and know that you can go to bed as soon as you get home.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels