With the second semester underway, freshmen across the country are adjusting to be being back at school. As we head into the spring semester, many students become much more comfortable with college life, which leads to a variety of unique experiences for freshmen everywhere.

1. Some of the initial excitement has worn off.

Back in September, you were beyond thrilled to be at college and in awe of everything around you. Now that it’s February, college feels like the everyday ordeal that it is. You’re probably a lot more jaded with everything now, and much more ready to rest.

2. You actually know your way around campus.

...kind of. You may know how to get to the buildings you visit on a regular basis, but if people ask you for directions to a building you’ve never been in, or if you have a meeting across campus, you’re probably completely lost.

3. Your room looks less like Pinterest and more like a warzone.

When you were getting ready to move into college, you probably spent hours online researching the perfect room decorations. After months of living in your room, you’ve likely accumulated tons of papers, notebooks and random junk that’s scattered everywhere. You know you must have a floor, you just haven’t seen it in about six weeks.

4. You’ve realized that staying up all night is really overrated.

Whether you’ve been spending your nights partying or binge-watching Netflix, doing so has likely wrecked your sleep schedule and made you eternally exhausted. Now that the second semester’s underway, you’re ready to go to bed early.

5. You’re uncomfortably familiar with the library.

Your campus’s study spots may have seemed exciting at the beginning of the year, but now that you’ve spent countless hours studying in the library, it’s starting to feel less like an exciting space and more like a second home.

6. You’re willing to admit that you miss your parents.

Back in September you couldn’t wait to move away from home and gain your independence. Even if you do still like being on your own, as a second semester freshman you’re much more willing to admit that you miss home.

7. Goodbye to looking good.

Say goodbye to the cute outfits and perfectly-applied makeup of the first semester. No one else cares how you look, so you no longer care either. Sweatpants, anyone?

8. Going into town is less about fun and more about errands.

During orientation week, you probably went into your local college town to explore a variety of stores and cafes. Now that your time and energy has been depleted, you’re likely running into town only to pick up deodorant and paper towels from the local pharmacy.

Know that even if the second semester feels different from the first, you’re becoming more adjusted to college life and more comfortable with your campus. Hang in there!

Lead Image Credit: John Towner via Unsplash.com