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Dec 31 2016
by Fresh U Editors

8 Planning Accessories for Your Planner

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 31 2016

Decorative planners are all the rage right now, so making sure you're staying in-style (and productive) is very important. Fresh U is here to help you with your planner needs.

1. Planner Bands


Make sure your planner stays shut and secure with these elastic bands. 

2. Journaling Cards


Journaling cards can add that extra "pop!" to your week or month. Find these inspirational and colorful ones here.

3. Washi Tape


Washi tape is a great multi-purpose tool to use for your planner. Find this set here.

4. Task Stickers


Different from your standard stickers, task stickers are great to keep you on track (while still looking cute!), like these to-do stickers.

5. Rolling Tape


Rolling tape is great for whenever you're trying to paste something into your planner without using glue or regular tape. It's mess-free, easy to use and looks good. Find some here.

6. Hole Punch


If you're looking to create your own inserts for your planner, a hole punch is crucial. This basic one is all you'll need.

8. Colorful, Non-Bleed-Through Pens


Color-coding your planner is the first step in increasing your organization and productivity. Begin with color-coding with pens and making sure they won't bleed through your paper! Give these a try.

Planning is sort of an art, and it is loads of fun! Make your planner unique by trying out these different accessories! 

Lead Image Credit: Miesha Moriniere via Pexels

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