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Dec 20 2015
by Fresh U Editors

8 People Who Will Text You While You're Home For Break

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 20 2015

1. Your Ex

You broke up before you left for college because you weren't ready to do long distance, or because one of you was unsure about the future. But now that you're home for a month, the feels have returned...

2. That "Friend" From One of Your Classes

You guys were friends during high school but you weren't really ~friends~. You texted each other your AP scores when they came out and trash talked the other people in the class during the summer. You said you'd keep in touch when you left for college. Now that you're home from break, he or she wants to meet up to "catch up" but probably just to see who's been having a better college experience. 

3. Your Coworker From Your High School Job

You worked in retail and you and your coworker used to talk the entire shift and get in trouble. You left for college, and they stayed in your hometown either because they were a year younger than you, or they went to a local college. Now that you're back for a month, they're wondering if you'll come back to work a shift or two. You haven't decided yet if you will. 

4. The Person Who Had A Crush On You

This person liked you all through high school, but you never really felt the same way. After a semester of college, they still haven't given up and they're hoping they have one last shot. 

5. High School BFF

You hung out during Thanksgiving break, but you didn't have that much time to ~really~ hang out. Now you have a month to do nothing but hang out and look at what everyone from high school is doing. 

6. That One Hookup 

They never left your hometown, so whenever break time rolls around they hit you up. Eventually they'll get the message that you have enough people texting you at college to care anymore. 

7. Your Grandma

She texts you with a bunch of emojis and it's hilarious. It'll be nice to see her over break. 

8. Your Mom

All you want to do is relax...

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