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Feb 12 2017
by Fresh U Editors

8 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 12 2017

With Valentine's Day only days away, have you bought a gift for that special someone? If not, no fear! Amazon Prime is here! Here are eight of the best last-minute gifts for the wonderful people in your life — and don't forget that free two-day shipping!

1. A Friendship Bracelet for You and Your Purr-fect BFF


Being away from home can be especially hard if you have a furry friend that's missing you. Make it a little less painful and get a matching collar/bracelet duo to remind yourself of your love for one another when you're gone. Find it here.

2. A Mini Succulent for Your Cacti-Loving Friend


As if succulents couldn't get any cuter — now put them in mini terrariums to wear as necklaces! Boo-Boo Plants are super adorable and trendy. Get yours here.

3. An Old-School Friendship Bracelet Crafting Kit for your Roomie(s)


Get crafty and make your own bracelets! This kit is super cheap and a great way to express your creative side and have a fun night with your best friends. 

4. A Gigantic Teddy Bear for Your Long-Distance Partner


This is perfect for anyone who craves the cuddles — or anyone you might want to embarrass. Sometimes the cliché route is the best road to take, so don't hesitate! Find this adorable buddy here.

5. Chocolates for Literally Anyone


Because everyone loves chocolate.

6. An Adult Coloring Book of Love Quotes for Your Favorite Person


A book of cheesy love quotes is made even better when you're able to color it in yourself. Find it here.

7. A "What I Love About You" Fill-In Journal for Bae


This is for those of you that want to express your feelings but may not be the best at doing so. These journals are super cute and a great thing for your partner to treasure. Get one here.

8. Valentines for Your Classmates


Who said that even though you're in college, you can't still pass out Valentines? These Find Dory ones are perfect for the job!

Valentine's Day can be stressful when trying to think of the perfect gift for those perfect people in your life. That's why we're here to help.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels 

Editor's Note: As part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, Fresh U may receive a small percentage of the profits off of any of these items.

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