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Mar 06 2017
by Fresh U Editors

8 Irreplaceable Memories You Make With Your Freshman Year Roommate

By Fresh U Editors - Mar 06 2017

Living with a roommate can be a source of some incredible memories: you spend so much time together that you’re guaranteed to have some fun times to look back on. Here are just a few irreplaceable memories that you’ll make with your freshman year roommate that you’ll definitely cherish for years to come.

1. Being rushed out of the dorms for fire drills.

Nothing helps two people bond faster than being forced out of their room in the middle of the night, usually in freezing cold weather, because someone burned popcorn in the microwave. You may be freezing in the moment, but one day you’ll laugh about how ridiculous you looked in pajama shorts and ancient sweatshirts.

2. Dealing with your neighbors.

Whether they’re next to you, above or below you, you’ll definitely have neighbors who like to play loud music or smoke at the worst possible hours. You’ll get through the loud noises and the terrible smells as a team.

3. Registering for class.

Nothing is more stressful than sitting in front of your computer and frantically trying to get into the classes you want. You and your roommate will definitely remember the time you spent panicking over slow internet connections and a lack of available spots.

4. Dealing with the weather.

When the dorm heating fails in the dead of winter, or spring rolls around and you’re feeling the lack of air conditioning more than ever, your roommate is going to be there to share the suffering.

5. Second-hand Netflix watching.

Your roommate is going to watch all of your reactions to your favorite shows, and you’re going to watch all of their reactions to theirs. It’s strangely entertaining to watch someone yell about a show you know literally nothing about.

6. Supporting them when they get bad news.

Moving away from home means getting a lot more bad news over the phone, without your family there to support you. You and your roommate are going to support each other when you find out that your pet has died or that a family member is sick.

7. Coping with finals stress.

Freshmen experience finals week for the first time, and you and your roommate are guaranteed to build memories when you’re both cooped up in your room studying frantically for your tests.

8. Learning each other’s weird habits.

Whether you have a lucky t-shirt you have to wear on exam days or they can’t sleep until they’ve checked every social media account at least twice, you and your freshman year roommate will learn all of each other’s weird habits and quirks and laugh about them together.

Your roommate can become both a friend and a source of support if you give yourself the chance to build a relationship with them, so take some time to spend time together and get to know each other better. You may end up with a new best friend. 

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