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Mar 19 2017
by Fresh U Editors

7 Thoughts You Have After an Exam

By Fresh U Editors - Mar 19 2017

We've all been there: you've just handed in your exam and are more than ready to go home and forget about all of the stress that's been building up over the last few weeks. As you're heading home, however, there are a few thoughts you're guaranteed to have. Here are just a few.

1. "Did I study enough?"

Even if you think you did fairly well, you may still doubt yourself and wonder if you actually did enough to prepare.

2. "I'm going to check all of my notes."

As soon as you get home, you're going to look back through all of your notes from the last unit and check to see if your answers were right.

3. "I definitely wrote the right answer...right?"

You may walk out of the exam feeling confident, but halfway home you stop and wonder if the answer you wrote for that last essay question was actually right. You know you double checked your answers, but you can't remember if they were correct in the first place.

4. "What's the lowest grade I can get and still pass the class?"

The moment you walk out of the door you're doing mental calculations to see what score you have to get in order to maintain your GPA. Hopefully you were able to make the grade.

5. "I need a nap."

You've likely spent the last week studying frantically and have spent the last hour writing pages of information. You're beat, and you deserve a break.

6. "Will I need this information later?"

Is what your exam was on going to be on the midterm or final, or relevant to a future class? Or can you forget everything you just learned and not worry about it?

7. "...I have another exam in a week."

Just because this one exam is over doesn't mean the semester is. You have another exam next week and a paper due the week after that. Time to start studying again!

Exams are difficult, but know that the key to getting through them is to stay calm and manage your time wisely. Remember, no grade is worth your sanity.

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