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Dec 08 2016
by Fresh U Editors

7 Simple DIY Gifts Made with Mason Jars

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 08 2016

Picture this: it's a few days before your friend gift exchange for the holidays and you're broke, frantic and fresh out of ideas. Fortunately, this is where mason jars come in. Pick up some at your local grocery store (or, if you have time, get these on Amazon) and follow this quick guide to put together a snazzy, creative-looking gift. You'll have your friends thinking you thought of this yourself!

1. Spa Day in a Mason Jar


It's a simple as it sounds: get some spa day essentials and just put them in some mason jars. Go ahead and gift yourself one too, you deserve it. 

2. Candy in a Mason Jar

Love Grows Wild

Simple, and effective. If you're a try-hard, you can make some cute tags to go along with them as well. 

3. Money in a Mason Jar

How Does She

Make them *think* they only got candy, but go ahead and stuff some cash in there too — real or fake because, let's be real here, we're all broke.

4. Food in a Mason Jar

How Does She

Why are we kidding ourselves? Food is all we really want for Christmas. Spice it up and give it a theme — some simple white chocolate (or yogurt) covered pretzels in a mason jar with some embellishments can resemble a cute snowman. It make sit look like you put way more effort into it than you actually did. 

5. S'mores in a Mason Jar

I Heart Naptime

Food is pretty much a theme here on Fresh U. S'mores are super yummy this time of year, and what better way to receive them than in a mason jar? Also, you can get the tag printables for free here

6. Bath Salts in a Mason Jar

Simply Shellie

Nothing is better than a nice, long soak in the bath with some luxurious bath salt, especially since a lot of students go home for the holidays. Here's a simple DIY lavender bath salt that makes about six cups worth, so you can make more than one gift out of it. Not into the DIY? Just buy some cheap bath salt at the store and fill it in a mason jar — at least it will look nice. 

7. Mason Jar Lid Photo Magnets

Unoriginal Mom

Okay, so this doesn't actually use the jar, BUT it's still a super quick and simple DIY that could mean the world to your friends and family. Find out how to do it here

Mason jars are good for more than just canning. They can be used to make creative gifts, too! If you do any mason jar-themed gifts this year, make sure to tweet us pictures @FreshUOnline.

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay

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