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Feb 21 2017
by Fresh U Editors

7 Problems Only Double Majors Understand

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 21 2017

Being a double major can be a great experience — you’ll gain knowledge and experience in multiple subject areas and will therefore be twice as qualified for future jobs. In spite of the benefits, however, working towards two degrees can also have its issues. Here are seven problems that only double majors understand.

1. You never have any time.

Every college student is busy, but double majors are doubly so: you have homework from two separate sets of important classes and often take on extra classes to meet all of your requirements.

2. You have less time for “fun” classes.

While people with one major have one set of major requirements and can fill any space in their schedule with classes they simply find interesting, the double set of requirements that double majors have means that you have far less space in your schedule.

3. Running out of room on forms.

When filling out forms that ask for your major, you often find that you don’t have enough space to list both of your majors.

4. People constantly doubt you.

From advisors to professors to fellow students, people will constantly question whether completing two degrees is even possible. The only upside to this is that it’ll be all the more satisfying when you prove them wrong.

5. People will ask you how your majors are related all the time.

If you’re majoring in two subjects that are wildly different from each other, people will constantly ask you what they have to do with each other, Maybe there’s a connection that people don’t immediately see (STEM combined with a foreign language can help you gain an advantage in the workforce), or maybe you just have two very different interests. Either way, you’re going to face a lot of questions.

6. You have to find two advisors.

When you declare a major, you need to find a major advisor to help you through your college career. Being a double major means finding two professors willing to supervise you in each of your separate fields.

7. Feeling like you have to choose.

Whether you’re forced to pick between classes for each major when registration rolls around or which major’s career path to enter, you often find yourself feeling like you have to choose between your two majors.

In spite of all the problems double majors face, the work will ultimately pay off with newfound opportunities and newfound knowledge. Embrace the all-nighters and the piles of textbooks!

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