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Jan 28 2017
by Fresh U Editors

5 Must-Have Laptop Covers For Your Macbook

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 28 2017

Laptops are pretty much an essential for every college student (and usually even encouraged by college professors). You'll most likely be carrying one and using one just about anywhere you go and because our laptops are basically our children, why not show them some love with laptop covers? Here are some for all you Macbook lovers to get you started. 

1. Simple Solids

You can never go wrong with solid colors and this particular laptop cover provides you with a super wide range to choose from. Get the matching keyboard cover as well for an extra stylish look (and extra protection). 


2. Tribal 

This one is perfect for all the bohemian-style loving people. This cute and colorful tribal printed cover is bound to get you excited. 


3. Tumblr-esque 

This laptop cover is for all of you Tumblr people who love to stay on trend. The marble look is not only classy and clean, but it also makes for a super stylish laptop that will have everyone jealous. Get the matching keyboard cover as well just for fun. 


4. Astronomical 

Another one that can be deemed as Tumblr-esque, this laptop cover is perfect for all of those that love everything about night and space. 


5. Rustic 

This last cover goes out to all the people who enjoy rustic-inspired looks. This one is simple yet unique, and you'll most definitely capture people's attention. 


Now whenever you open your laptop, you'll be opening it with a smile on your face, knowing that your laptop is just as stylish as you are. 

Lead Image Credit: Seth Schwiet via Unsplash 

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