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Dec 11 2016
by Fresh U Editors

27 Tweets About Finals Week That are Just Too Real

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 11 2016

While college is most definitely a different experience for everyone, there is one thing we all have in common: suffering through finals. Whoever thought to make the last week before break (when we have no motivation left) the hardest, and arguably the most important, week of the whole semester clearly never had to take finals themselves. Now is a time to put down that cup of coffee (especially if it's your fourth of the day) so you don't spit it all over your screen while you look at these tweets about finals that'll definitely have you saying, "OMG same."

1. When you've already given up from the beginning.

2. Just thinking of the week you're about to have.

3. When you still have enough energy to take risks.

4. When you actually have some confidence.

5. And when you realize you shouldn't get your hopes up.

6. Break is so close you can almost taste it!

7. Literally the worst week of the semester.

8. When you think you're using your time wisely.

9. At least some people are optimistic.

Fresh U wishes you the best of luck on your finals! Just focus and do your best and you will see favorable results.

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