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Oct 27 2016
by Fresh U Editors

25 Tweets About Fall That Will Literally Make You LOL

By Fresh U Editors - Oct 27 2016

One of the best (or worst, arguably) things about Twitter is that you can literally never leave your house and still know everything going on in the world. A strange phenomenon about that, however, is that people always feel the need to let the world know about the most obvious and visible things, such as a full moon or a change of season. So, if you didn't know that it was fall yet, and you haven't been keeping up with Twitter, here are some fall tweets that you should get a kick out of.

1. How to tell it's fall...

2. Slightly lesser known than Halloween, "cuffing season" is beginning.

3. The annual pumpkin spice debate is in full force.

4. Even our furry friends are in on the festivities.

5. What a coincidence that leaves FALL during autumn!

6. Students can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

7. Companies always take advantage of marketing opportunities.

8. All of the world's future philosophers and poets emerge.

Now that you know it's fall, you can go ahead and stay inside (and even off Twitter, if you want) and hibernate until next season. Until then, Twitter will pretty much look just like this until the first snowflakes of winter fall.

Lead Image Credit: @FAFSAProblems via Twitter

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