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Dec 19 2015
by Fresh U Editors

25 Facebook Events That Describe What You Probably Did This Semester

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 19 2015

From the shadows of racist posts from former high school classmates and "inspirational" Ben Carson quotes shared by your relatives, something genuinely funny and enjoyable has come from Facebook. Clever people on the Internet are creating events that you are probably doing anyways, but it's finally put into words. These weird / hilarious / clever / amazing Facebook events have been growing in popularity recently, and this was probably what Facebook was meant for all along. Finally, there's a sense of unity about the fact that we're all crying and eating ice cream because it's OK to fail finals. And these specific events managed to describe everything you did or thought about doing this past semester: 

1. Crawling under the bookshelves to absorb the library's knowledge

2. Eat flamin' hot cheetos till you see god

3. Start building ur cocoon so u can evolve for finals

4. Pretending to go to An Acoustic Evening With Justin Bieber but actually studying

5. Cry and eat ice cream because it's ok to fail finals

6. Drop out of school and turn into JOHN CENA

7. Drop out of school to become a cat

8. thinking you lost all hope but then losing that last additional bit of hope you didn't even know you had

9. Drop out of college and eat 10 pounds of french fries 

10. Drop out of college and invent facebook

this is meta AF

11. Crying and Eating Bread by Yourself on the Floor

12. Avoid all my responsibilities

13. Eat and cry next to a llama because finals

14. Turn into mitochondria and become the powerhouse of the cell

15. Cry in your comforter burrito bc Brad didn't text u back since you forgot to forward that chain email about the sewer girl in 6th grade

16. Weird fake event to show everyone how quirky and cool I am

17. Lying in bed and cryin to Adele and feeling bad 4 urself

18. Falling in love with a burrito because it's the only one there for you

19. Make sangria & drink alone in ur apartment while watching Beans from Even Stevens

20. Pretend like nothing is wrong and live the rest of your life as a lie

21. Crawl under the coffee table and never leave

22. Call your mom because you realize nobody else loves you

23. Pretend you're crying because you're cutting onions but actually just cry

24. No time 2 study 2 busy attending fake facebook events

25. Unfriend that friend who's interested in stupid events

Additional reporting by Olivia Laskowski

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