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Nov 03 2015
by Fresh U Editors

20 Tweets That Describe How You Really Feel About Group Projects

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 03 2015

1. When you have to remind your group what your name is.

2. Trying and failing to deal with people.

3. When you're a group of one.

4. Why the f*ck you lyin', indeed.

5.  When you know your group doesn't stand a chance.

6. Cause....

7. .....and effect. 

8. Sometimes it's fun to watch the world burn. 

9. Occasionally, you're the slacking group member. And you're OK with that.

10. Tensions often run high. 

11. You suffer in silence.

12. Where's the lie?

13. You try to reason with your group members logically.

14. Sometimes you don't have much to contribute to the group.

15. Most of the time you just want to disappear.

College students can't work together in group projects but we can all agree on one thing...

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