When you come home from college for the first time in months, there's nothing worse than being criticized and asked uncomfortable questions. But don't just force a smile and deal with it. #ThanksgivingClapback was trending on Twitter Wednesday, and it gave us the perfect ways to respond to family members making annoying comments. Use one of these, and show everyone you are not here for the questions about grades or your love life...

1. When someone brings up your grades

2. When someone says you're too reliant on technology

3. When someone brings up you're still undecided...

4. When someone comments on your lifestyle

5. When someone dares mention your GPA

6. When someone comments on your behavior

7. When someone asks about your love life

8. When someone criticizes how much you eat

9. When someone comments on your appearance

10. When someone tells you you're too young too drink

11. When your grades become the subject of conversation, again

12. And again.

13. When someone tries to bring up your weight

14. When someone comments on your sexual orientation

15. When someone criticizes your major

16. 💀💀💀💀