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Nov 07 2015
by Fresh U Editors

15 Times Twitter Perfectly Described Your Feelings Toward Your Group Chat

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 07 2015

1. When everyone is ignoring you

2. :(

3. You know when that hotline blings...

4. When nobody has any chill

5. When it turns out the group chat is just a cover-up. 

6. When the group chat comes together to comfort a friend. 

7. Sometimes it's a place of betrayal 

8. And sometimes it's a hostile place.

9. When you're excited to get a text, but it's actually just the group chat. 

10. The most accurate name for a group chat...

11. When you ignore the group chat but miss out on important planning. 

12. When you are seen, but not heard. 

13. When you haven't checked your phone for 10 minutes. 

14. When you're trying to coordinate plans...

15. And finally, when someone dares venture outside the group chat. 

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