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Dec 05 2015
by Fresh U Editors

15 Times Tumblr Was Spot On About How the Semester Feels Right Now

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 05 2015

1. The 4 Stages of Finals Grief

2. This rings true

3. You're *this close* to losing it

4. You use motivational phrases to get you through

5. Schoolwork becomes a balancing act

6. This "study tip" becomes more and more relevant

7. Logic starts to fail you

8. People try to come at your life, but you're not having it

9. You're counting down the days until Christmas break

10. You start to mourn what has become of the semester

11. You can't even enjoy Christmas songs

12. You will be challenged like never before

13. People start to get aggressive

14. And all hell breaks loose

15. But perhaps this rendition of "Hello" describes it best. 

Lead Image Credit: Tumblr

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