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Nov 01 2015
by Fresh U Editors

13 Tweets That Prove You're Not Alone in Your Procrastination

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 01 2015

If you clicked on this because you're currently procrastinating, congratulations! You're not alone. Here are 13 tweets that show we're all in this together. 

1. Procrastination level: BuzzFeed

2. When procrastination goes beyond a skill.

3. If only this was an option. 

4. When you find yourself on Wikipedia, you know it's real.

5. The question on all of our minds. 

6. The accuracy, though. 

7. This on-point graph. 

8. When this type of irony is all too common.

9. The only good thing about the time change.

10. When reality hits you too hard. 

11. When you're so overwhelmed that the only thing you can do is procrastinate more. 

12. A statement we can all relate to:

13. And the Snapchat filter we wish was real

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