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Sep 29 2015
by Fresh U Editors

13 Things All College Freshmen Will Relate To

By Fresh U Editors - Sep 29 2015

1. Making it through class however you can.

2. Hanging out with all your new college friends.

3. Trying to balance homework, friends, work, EVERYTHING ELSE. 

4. When everyone decides to go out on a Wednesday and you don't want to miss out.

5. The rage you feel when your friends who are still in high school complain about schoolwork.

6. When you somehow manage not to fail a test you totally didn't study for. 

7. How you feel when life is a little out of control.

8. When your Mom calls to "check up."

9. Trying to wake up for an 8 AM class.

10. This. Always.

11. When you're trying to do your homework but Netflix wants to chill.

12. Thinking about your family and actually feeling homesick AF.

13. Realizing that you're on your way to actual adulthood, and being sort of OK with that. 


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