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Aug 23 2016
by Fresh U Editors

13 Relatable Tweets About the First Day of College

By Fresh U Editors - Aug 23 2016

Whether you started this week or your first day of college won't be here for a few weeks, there are a few universal truths about your first day. You'll probably get lost and you'll probably be overwhelmed. But don't worry – it gets better. 

1. When you walk into your first college class and realize how alone you are

2. Ahh syllabus week.

3. TFW you walk into the wrong class by accident

4. RT if you packed your backpack with new supplies early

5. There are two types of people

6. When teachers don't respect the unspoken rule of syllabus week...

7. ...And you realize the material they're going over is actually really hard. 

8. You after a full day of college classes

9. Also you

10. When you realize that you signed up for 8am's three days in a row

11. When you have no idea where you're going...

12. And you wish someone would make this:

13. But all in all, you're really excited to finally be in college. 

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