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Apr 07 2016
by Fresh U Editors

12 Very Relatable Tweets About The Last Month of Freshman Year

By Fresh U Editors - Apr 07 2016

1. Reaching the end of the year doesn't always mean you're more experienced. 

2. You might have learned a lot, but nurturing skills are not included.

3. You try and figure out how the year went by so fast, and it fills you with panic. 

4. You might have aged dramatically. 

5. You might even be celebrating the end of the year approaching...

6. But you're probably not celebrating just yet.

7. :(

8. RT if u

9. But you can make it, trust.

10. Grasping that it is the last month of freshmen year is extremely difficult.

11. Like, how?

12. But even though it's had its ups and downs, there's a (big) part of you that definitely doesn't want it to end.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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