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Feb 20 2016
by Fresh U Editors

12 Times Twitter Understood The Special Relationship Between College Students And Our Beds

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 20 2016

In college, there are some parts of our lives that are truly the most important.  Our bed is definitely our favorite and most reliable companion no matter what life throws at us.  Twitter knows what's up.

1. The mysteries of college.

2. The truest thing ever.

3. We loathe these people.

4. After a long day, you get into bed and then this happens...

5. Bed = #1 way to procrastinate

6. For all of you deep thinkers...your bed is your best contemplating companion.

7. Sometimes we wake up in the morning and think about what we have to get done before we can just go back to bed.

8. All of the introverts understand this.

9. When you fall asleep in class all day and then you can finally go to bed.

10. The most relatable tweets ever.

11.  Sometimes life just gets overwhelming.  Your bed is always there for you.

12. As much as we love our bed, we miss our bed at home.  Sometimes it feels like we are cheating on our home bed, but our pets are taking care of it for us.

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