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Feb 20 2017
by Fresh U Editors

12 Stages of Spending the Night in the Library

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 20 2017

All-nighters in the library can quickly become a staple of college life. They’re far from fun, and often they result in a combination of the worst possible emotions: exhaustion, boredom, hunger, etc. Here are just a few of the stages experienced when spending the night in the library.

1. "I do not want to be here."

Once it gets past nine o’clock, no one wants to be in the library anymore. It doesn’t matter how much work you might have: all you want to do is be at home in your bed.

2. "I’m going to get so much work done."

If you’re already in the library, you may as well tackle the heaping piles of work you have to do. You’re going to have the most productive night work session you’ve ever had.

3. "I deserve a break."

You’ve been working for a few hours and it’s getting late. You deserve a ten minute break to recharge so that you can tackle the rest of your homework.

4. Descending into an Internet black hole.

That ten minute break usually turns, very quickly, into an hour-long Netflix and social media session. What homework?

5. "What if I don’t do my work?"

Not all of your work is due tomorrow. If you put off everything else for the next few days, you could go home and go to bed now.

6. "I’m hungry."

You may have missed dinner while you were studying, and by this point everywhere you could have gotten food has been closed for a while.

7. "I could finish my work at home"

If you left now, you could finish your papers and studying in your room. In reality, you know you won’t get work done if your bed is right there, but that doesn’t mean you won’t tell yourself otherwise.

8. "I could take a nap here and no one would care."

By this point, most people have left the library and the few people who are working there aren’t making rounds. If you took a nap under your desk, no one would even notice.

9." I definitely only have a little bit of work left – oh. Wait."

You’ve been working for a few hours and have definitely made a decent dent in your workload – until you check what else you have to do and realize that you have hours more to go.

10. "I’m so tired."

It’s early in the morning, you haven’t slept in hours, and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep for days.

11. "I’m never procrastinating again."

Next semester, you’re going to start all of your work early and plan it out so that you get a manageable amount done every day. This is never happening again.

12. Time to go home.

There’s no relief like finally finishing your homework and being able to go home, even if it’s already morning and you have to head to class in an hour.

Even the best-laid plans can go astray, which means it’s not uncommon to find yourself camped out in the library for hours as you try to finish your homework. If you’re preparing for an all-nighter, make sure to bring some supplies to keep yourself motivated and energized. Good luck!

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