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Feb 07 2017
by Fresh U Editors

12 Just Really Relatable Tweets About College

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 07 2017

Studying! Not sleeping! Getting sick every two weeks! You'll relate to it all in these A+ tweets. 

1. When you skip class and realize you're only playing yourself. 

2. Judgement is definitely a high school thing. 

3. This isn't really an exaggeration. 

4. When you realize it's true...

5. Your college professors are way more chill than you thought. 

6. How many L's will you take today?

7. Don't forget to treat yourself!

8. When you have to pay $150 and it's not even a textbook...

9. You can go a whole semester without knowing someone's name.

10. Who says romance in college doesn't exist?

11. You're lucky if you go two full weeks without getting sick. 

12. And finally...

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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