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Jan 16 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday While in College

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 16 2017

Adjusting to college life can be difficult, especially around major events like birthdays. Most freshmen have always celebrated their birthdays at home with their friends and families, so spending that first birthday away from home can be strange. Fear not! Here are 10 ideas on how to spend your first birthday at college to guarantee that it’s a success.

1. Go out for ice cream.

Going out for food with your friends is a great way to spend time with your friends on your birthday, and ice cream isn’t nearly as expensive as going out for a full meal. It can also replace birthday cake if that’s not going to be possible.

2. Have an impromptu movie night.

Don’t feel like going out? Have a movie night with your friends in your dorm room! Set up a laptop with your favorite movie (if anyone has a projector, hook that up and project the movie onto an empty wall or a sheet.) Grab some movie snacks, and you’re all set.

3. Cake in a mug.

You probably won’t be able to bake a full birthday cake this year, so the next best thing is a birthday cake in a mug. Here is a list of recipes that are easy to make in the microwave and that still taste great.

4. Go to the movies.

If you feel like going out but don’t want to spend a lot of money, going to the movies is a great way to treat yourself on your birthday. Grab a few friends and hit up the local theater.

5. Go to a museum.

Museums are incredibly underrated sources of entertainment, and they’re very inexpensive, so you can have a fun day without breaking the bank. Pick a museum based on your interests: art, science, music, etc. and spend the day there.

6. DIY craft night

Spend a night in with your friends doing a bunch of DIY crafts — it’s inexpensive and low-maintenance, and you’ll be left with something to keep in your room. Here are a list of DIY bath crafts and here is a list of DIY room decor.

7. Don’t do your homework.

Your readings, papers and studying can wait a day. Take your birthday as an excuse to do absolutely no homework at all, and spend the day relaxing as you want to. Take the day off especially if you have class on your birthday; you’ve done enough work.

8. Go out to a party.

It’s your birthday; live a little. Get dressed up and head out with your friends to a party in the area. Have fun!

9. Do something fun and free on campus.

There are plenty of fun events on campus that are free for students: a cappella performances, movie screenings, guest speakers. Go to one of them and spend the day enjoying quality entertainment without having to spend any money.

10. Have a photoshoot.

If the weather permits, gather some friends, dress up in fun clothes and find a scenic location on or around campus. None of you have to be professional photographers; this is really about the fun that you’ll have taking a bunch of pictures that you can save.

Just because you’re away from home on your birthday doesn’t mean that the day can’t be fun. Give a few of these ideas a try and one of them could become a yearly tradition!

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