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Feb 07 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Valentines From Tumblr For Everyone You Know In College

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 07 2017

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, college students are rushing to find the perfect Valentine's Day card for their significant others and friends. This can be stressful, especially if you're spending Valentine's Day with someone particularly special, but Valentines don't have to be serious: you can definitely have some fun with the cards you pick out. Here are ten Valentine's Day cards from Tumblr guaranteed to make their recipients smile.

1. This Pride and Prejudice Valentine.

incorrectpride-prejudicequotes via Tumblr

2. This Hamilton card.

cactupi via Tumblr

3. This perfectly cheesy (hehe) Valentine.

jamiefevre via Tumblr

4. For the animal lover.

newts-in-hats via Tumblr

5. For your best friend, or anyone who loves dogs.

cusedbythecosmos via Tumblr

6. Pick this one if you REALLY want to annoy whoever you're giving a Valentine to.

hyperhddrive via Tumblr

7. This beautifully scientific Valentine.

extremesofmediocrity via Tumblr

8. For the Harry Potter fan.

valentines-card via Tumb;r

9. For the EGGSELLENT person in your life.

eatsleepcrap via Tumblr

10. There's nothing that Disney can't improve.

brokensmolders via Tumblr

Here's to a Valentine's Day full of puns, friends and good fun!

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