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May 31 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Times You 'Covfefe'd' During Freshman Year

By Fresh U Editors - May 31 2017

Shortly after midnight on May 31, 2017, President Trump baffled the nation when he tweeted the wordcovfefe.” While likely a typo for the word “coverage,” the lack of a fix and no clarification for hours resulted in a firestorm of speculation.

As college students, however, we understand covfefe. We live, breathe and eat covfefe every day. Here’s a reminder of all the times you covfefed in the past year:

1. When you went to the wrong classroom on the first day of class

Boy, was that a bad first impression.

2. When you went to your first frat party

RIP to my favorite pair of shoes.

3. When you slept through your 8am

I guess I’ll go back to bed, right?

4. When you locked yourself out of your room

This is incredibly awkward.

5. When you failed your first exam

Pretty sure I can’t recover from this.

6. When you started a fire alarm in the dorm

Damn you, ramen noodles and popcorn.

7. When you got caught in embarrassing pajamas for a fire alarm

Nobody was supposed to see me like this.

8. When you dropped something in the dining hall

Hopefully it was plastic.

9. When someone you couldn't remember waved at you

Maybe they were from orientation…

10. When you forgot to call your parents

I was busy, alright?!

Here’s to many more covfefes in the year to come!

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