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Oct 08 2015
by Fresh U Editors

10 Time Management Struggles All College Students Have

By Fresh U Editors - Oct 08 2015

1. In college you have no time to even think about what time it is

2. When the professor knows his students have horrible time management skills

3. Having 300 pages of reading and you decided to leave it for the night before the test 

4. When it's Sunday and you realize you've gotten none of your homework done

5. When you realize you and productivity don't get along too well

6. In the balancing act of college you don't even have time for basic human emotions

7.  When you don't have time to keep your mind on track, literally 

8. College relationships summed up in a tweet

9. In the words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!"

10. Word to the Wise 

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