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Feb 13 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Throw Pillows to Decorate Your Dorm

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 13 2017

Throw pillows are a great way to decorate your dorm and make it more interesting. They also add more comfort to your bed, which is great at the end of a long day. Amazon has you covered with ten cute throw pillows to decorate your room.

1. This geometric print pillow. 


This one adds a splash of color and a unique pattern to spruce up your room.

2. This inspirational quote.


Practice mindfulness and keep yourself grounded with this inspirational quote and floral pattern.

3. This otter pillow. 


Even if you can't have pets in your room, this pillow will still help you bring cute animals into your dorm.

4. This world map. 


Satisfy your wanderlust and let yourself travel even in your dorm room with this world map pillow.

5. This octopus pillow. 


Bring the ocean into your room with this cool octopus pattern.

6. This seasonal tree set. 


Stock up on pillows for the entire year with this set of decorative tree pillows for each season.

7. This shrimp pillow. 


This pillow is perfect if you want to add a slightly weird feel to your room – or if you just really love shrimp.

8. This owl pillow. 


Perfectly adorable, this pillow is guaranteed to brighten your day.

9. This medallion pattern pillow. 


This blue pattern will add color and design to your room and will go with most color schemes.

10. This leaf pattern.


This pillow has a simple design to add some life to your room and bring nature into an indoor space.

Say goodbye to boring white pillows and say hello to cute, decorative throw pillows that are guaranteed to spruce up your room!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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