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Mar 06 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Things You Understand if You Keep Changing Majors

By Fresh U Editors - Mar 06 2017

Declaring your major can be one of the most exciting parts of college — you've finally decided what you want to do with the next for years. Some people, however, find themselves dissatisfied with their majors after taking a few classes, and end up switching after a semester or two. Then there are another group of people, who change their majors often enough that it seems like they've been studying something different every semester. Life can be tough for this group, and so here are 10 things only students who keep changing their majors understand.

1. People keep asking you questions.

Parents, friends, professors, advisors, everyone wants to know why you're changing your major so frequently and what your plan is for the long run. The answer? You're just as lost.

2. You know your advisor way too well.

Every time you have to change your major, you have to meet with your advisor and go through another stack of paperwork.The two of you have spent way too much time together, and you’re probably sick of paperwork.

3. Your textbooks are more diverse than a bookstore.

You’ve had to buy textbooks for every major you’ve declared, which means that your bookshelf is full of books about history, math, chemistry and Spanish. You have half the campus bookstore in your dorm.

4. You panic often.

For every question other people ask you about your major changes, you’ve asked yourself a million more. Are you making the right decision? Should you just pick something and stick with it?

5. You've met more professors than all of your friends combined.

You’ve met professors in almost every department as a result of taking classes in almost every department. On the bright side, it means that you’ll end up with a diverse range of possible people to write recommendations.

6. You actually know a lot about many different topics.

As a result of taking classes in so many different fields, you’ve actually learned a lot of information about a variety of different subjects. It definitely comes in handy in a variety of conversations.

7. You keep writing lab reports like literature papers.

It takes a while to adjust to doing assignments in different subject areas, which means that you may have difficulty adjusting from science-based lab reports to humanities papers. The bright side? You’ve gained a variety of skills.

8. The course catalog is an old friend.

You’ve checked the major requirements for every major you’ve declared, and by this point you can recite the course catalog backwards and forwards.

9. You're the only upperclassman in a class full of freshmen.

If you’ve changed your major as an upperclassmen, you’ve probably ended up in intro classes with freshmen interested in the major. You are guaranteed to make friends with students in other class years.

10. You’ve taken more introductory courses than you ever needed to.

You’ve taken introduction to biology, psychology, French, the list goes on. Remember that these classes will add to your overall knowledge.

Even if you’re stressed about changing your major, know that sticking with a major you don’t care about will only make you unhappy in the long run. Stick to your instincts, and know that you’ll find a major that resonates with you eventually.

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