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Feb 28 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Things You Learn About Your Freshman Year Roommate

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 28 2017

Living with a roommate is one of the biggest adjustments to college life, because you’re adjusting to spending most of your time living in close proximity to another person. You’re guaranteed to learn a lot about your roommate because of the amount of time you spend with them, but here are just a few things you’ll learn about your freshman year roommate.

1. Their sleep schedule.

Does your roommate go to bed every night promptly at ten? Are they up until the early hours of the morning? Your roommate’s sleep schedule is one of the first things you’ll learn while living with them, and you’ll soon find yourself adjusting either your sleeping or working habits to align better with theirs.

2. Their cleaning habits.

Another one of the first things you’ll learn about your roommate is how often they clean their room and how organized they keep their belongings. Hopefully the two of you have similar habits, because it can be annoying to have your side completely clean while your roommate’s gathers dust.

3. What music they like to listen to.

If your roommate likes to play their music out loud without headphones, you’ll quickly learn what kind of music they like to listen to when they’re studying, cleaning and fooling around on social media.

4. What kind of Netflix watcher they are.

Do they binge watch an entire season in a day? Do they yell when things excite them or remain completely silent? If the two of you share some favorite shows, you have a potential buddy to watch and fangirl with.

5. Their homework habits.

You’ll learn very quickly whether your roommate likes to study in their room or at the library, and when they’re home, whether they prefer studying at their desk or on their bed. You’ll also learn whether they get their work done weeks ahead of time or are devout procrastinators, based on how much they panic the night before deadlines and how much caffeine they consume on a regular basis.

6. Their favorite snacks.

Depending on the types of food that accumulate in your room (chips, cookies, etc.), you’ll figure out your roommate’s favorite snack foods to eat.

7. Their social life.

If your roommate likes to stay in at night or spends their weekends out partying, you’ll quickly know depending on when they’re in the room and when they’re out of it.

8. Their personal hygiene.

Hopefully there’s nothing negative to be learned with this one, but how frequently your roommate showers and maintains other aspects of personal hygiene is something that becomes immediately obvious when you move in with them.

9. Their relationship drama.

If your roommate is on the phone/Skype with their significant other every night, you’re going to learn a lot about any problems with their relationship — possibly too much.

10. Their family/friendship drama.

Again, if your roommate has frequent conversations with friends and relatives in your room, you’re going to learn all of the drama about their fight with their parents or the fact that they’re not speaking to their best friend from home.

For better or for worse, you’re going to learn a lot about your freshman year roommate from all the time you spend together. Good luck, and maybe this will be the start of a really strong friendship.

Lead Image Credit: Lexx Phillips via Flickr Creative Commons

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