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Dec 22 2016
by Fresh U Editors

10 Stocking Stuffers Perfect for Any College Student

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 22 2016

Sometimes the best gifts come in the smallest packages. In the case of stockings, this is most certainly true. Even if you're not filling any stockings this year, here are some cheap, useful gifts perfect for any college student. 

1. EOS Gift Set


The walk to-and-from class in the grueling winter wind can take a toll on your lips and hands, so keeping everything moisturized is key. Find this awesome gift set here.

2. 10 Foot iPhone Charger


Nothing is more frustrating than having to charge your phone and being far away from a plug — this is when a 10 foot charger comes in handy. Buy it here.

3. Amazon Gift Card


Everyone appreciates gift cards. Amazon gift cards are especially great for college students because they can order basically anything on Amazon, and they usually do. Get this gift card (in a cute snowflake tin) here.

4. Socks


As lame as this sounds, socks are great. College students love socks, especially the funky kind! You can find this pair of holiday pug socks here and you can also check out our previous article on cool socks available on Amazon. 

5. K Cups


College students live off of coffee and love their Keurigs. The only down side? K Cups can be super expensive, so throw some in a stocking to save your favorite college student some money. Get this 40-count variety pack here.

6. Mug


How are students going to drink all of that coffee if they don't have something to drink it out of? Find them a novelty mug that captures their personality that will have them thinking of you every time they use it. Find this fox mug here or check out our mugs article for more inspiration.

7. USB Lava Lamp


Desk accessories are always fun, especially when they're miniature and USB powered. This lava lamp would make a great stocking stuffer, or you could check out some USB rock salt lamps.

8. Ramen


This is pretty self-explanatory. Find it here.

9. Coloring Book

College students are STRESSED OUT, and for many of them, coloring is one of the best ways to relieve that stress. Get them a coloring book to fit their personality with maybe some colored pencils too. Find this one here.

10. Wall Calendar


With everything that college students have going on, a wall calendar is a must. Get them a fun calendar that will have them smiling each day they look at it. Get the Grump Cat one here.

Shopping for college students can be hard, and that's why Fresh U is here to help. Happy shopping!

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Editor's Note: As part of Amazon's affiliate program, Fresh U may receive a portion of sales resulting from this article. 

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