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Dec 09 2016
by Fresh U Editors

10 Hilarious Ugly Christmas Sweaters

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 09 2016

With the holiday season, comes holiday parties — and ugly sweaters. Here are our favorite ugly Christmas sweaters for any college student!.

1. "Grouchy" Cat


Because nothing says "happy holidays" like a grouchy cat. Find it here.

2. Dabbing Santa


Why wouldn't you want a dabbing Santa Claus on your Christmas sweater? Buy it here.

3. A Very Slothy Christmas


Okay, but look at this mischievous lil' sloth on this sweater. Find it here.

4. Llama


How awkward can you get? At least this awkward. Buy the llama sweater here.

5. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal


Honoring the ultimate Christmas classic, this sweater will totally crack some smiles with your family and friends. Find it here.

6. Santa Riding a Unicorn


This majestic sweater is definitely a conversation starter. Purchase it here.

7. Jolliest Bunch of Assholes...


Another ode to Christmas Vacation, this off-the-shoulder sweater is both cute and funny. Check it out here.

8. Star Wars Snow Flight


This is for all you Star Wars fans out there. Find it here.

9. Not-So-Pugly Christmas Sweater


How can you say "no" to pugs? You can't. Purchase it here.

10. All I Want for Christmas is Harambe


Do it for Harambe and buy this sweater here.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we can all agree that ugly Christmas sweaters are one of the reasons for the season. These are just a few of our favorites.

Lead Image Credit: Gratisography via Pexels

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