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Mar 01 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Feelings You Have Studying at 1 AM

By Fresh U Editors - Mar 01 2017

Regardless of how hard you work during the day or how early you get out of bed in the morning, you somehow always find yourself on that struggle bus at 1 AM filing through notes (and occasionally checking Facebook). Here are a couple of thoughts you're probably having as you're reading this article right now. 

1. "Why am I doing this again?"

I said I would be in bed by midnight, yet here we are again.

2. "I shouldn't have binge-watched Grey's today."

Because, inevitably, we are up this late because of procrastination. 

3. "I wish Starbucks was open right now."

For a pick-me-up and less self-depreciating vibe.

4. "Library or no library?"

Studying in the library after midnight is always a depressing feeling, but sometimes it has to be done.

5. "OK...I don't remember any of those terms."

When you've flipped through a whole set on Quizlet and failed to read anything on the cards.

6. "What should I listen to?"

*Proceeds to spend 30 minutes creating the "perfect" studying playlist on Spotify.*

7. "I wonder if *insert name here* is up right now?"

There's always that super studious friend that you're comparing yourself to, and they're probably asleep at a decent time every night.

8. "I wish I was in high school."

Remember when you would stay up until 1 AM, but just laying in bed on Twitter?

9. "Hydrate or die? Does this include Red Bull?"

Who needs water? My blood runs straight Red Bull.

10. "Maybe I'll just take a little nap..."

*Wakes up laying on top of books, drool running out the side of the mouth and late for morning class.*

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