Sometimes gifting can be such a pain, especially when it comes to college students. When stuck on ideas, try looking at Etsy for personalized and handmade gifts for the college-aged friends in your life. Not only are the artists on Etsy ready to make your gifts more personal, but they're also super trendy. Here are ten gifts found on Etsy that we think are perfect for any college student.

1. Leather Money Clip Wallet — $21.00+

MrHolmz via Etsy

This minimalist wallet, made with cowhide leather, is great for keeping IDs, credit cards and cash. It can be personalized too, for just a small extra cost. Wallets are classic, personalized gifts that never go out of style.

2. Rose Bath Bomb — $2.00+

NeptuneGarden via Etsy

Bath bombs are all the rage and although college students don't have baths while at school, you bet they're taking them while home for break. A bath bomb says "treat yo' self" and is buying someone just a little something they might not normally buy for themselves. 

3. Felt Laptop Bag — $29.00+

TopFelt via Etsy

Laptop bags are hella trendy and stylish — plus they're also handy for the busy student. This laptop bag is available to fit a variety of laptops and tablets, though prices do vary. 

4. Matte Black Coffee Mug — $24.00

PrintableWisdom via Etsy

Coffee is crucial for most college students, so why not buy them a new mug? Bonus points if you fill the mug with something like candy for an added treat! 

5. Best Babes Split Heart Iron On Patch — $5.00

WildflowerandCompany via Etsy

There's nothing like showing a little BFF (or roomie) love by buying them a gift. This cheap patch is great because YOU get something out of the deal too. Plus, since it's on Etsy, it's super unique. 

6. Monogrammed Micro-Fleece Robe — $34.99

CrescentMoonMonogram via Etsy

Robes are basically a college staple — especially during the winter months. This company allows you to monogram the robe wherever you choose and work with you to get you the robe when you need it.  

7. Refillable Leather Journal — $20.00+

danielcustommade via Etsy

Journals are another classic gift for any college-aged student. This rustic design is especially appealing and the shop allows you to customize the journal free of charge! 

8. Custom Quote Print — $7.50

TheSunshineGarden via Etsy

College students love receiving things to decorate their dorm room with. Why not have their favorite quote printed for them? There are various shops offering multiple different designs and fonts too, so the options are endless. 

9. Shakespeare Quote Pencils — $8.50

CouldYouPlease via Etsy

Motivational and fun pencils are a great way to encourage college kids to keep pushin'. This shop also has pencil sets that are specifically designed to support survivors of addiction, abuse, bullying, trauma, sexual assault, etc. which is pretty awesome. 

10. BIG Hat — $15.00+

BadassKnittingChick via Etsy

The winter wind can be brutal, so make sure your college-aged pals have a classic winter hat to help them stay warm during class change. Plus, these hats are super cute.

Whatever you decide to get for the college student int your life (whether you're a college student or not), adding a personalization is almost always the way to go. It's a small little step that makes a world of a difference — Etsy is a great place to do this. Happy shopping!

Lead Image Credit: CouldYouPlease via Etsy