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Mar 02 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Conversations You Have With Your Roommate During Midterms

By Fresh U Editors - Mar 02 2017

Midterm season is upon us, and with it come plenty of unique struggles: cramming, panicking and living on caffeine and no sleep. The one good thing about exam week is that everyone on campus is having a similar experience, which means that you and your roommate are definitely going to share some struggles. Here are just a few conversations you have with your roommate during midterms.

1. “How much work do you have left?”

There’s something oddly satisfying about sharing the amount of work you still have to do. If your roommate also has six exams in the next week, you’re guaranteed to feel a bit better about how much more studying is in your future.

2. “Do you want me to bring you food?”

If your roommate is spending the night studying in the library or your room studying and doesn’t have time to leave to get dinner, you may offer to bring them something to eat while they struggle through their work. Bonus points if they’ll do the same for you.

3. “What if I just dropped out of school?”

We all have moments when we wonder if the work is actually worth it. Roommates are a great way to vent but eventually get back on track.

4. “How many days are there until break?”

Spring break is likely right around the corner as soon as you’ve finished all your tests. Sometimes you just need to be reminded that it’s only a few days away.

5. “Will I die if I drink six Redbulls?”

During midterms, all caffeine limits are out the window. You’ve lost track of how many coffees you’ve had today. You need your roommate to cut you off eventually.

6. “We’re living in a dump.”

You likely haven’t cleaned your room in weeks, and dirty dishes, laundry and who knows what else are piling up everywhere. Both of you acknowledge that this isn’t going to change any time soon.

7. “How much sleep did you get last night?”

If the answer’s more than four hours, the two of you are sharing high-fives. You totally have your lives together.

8. “If I read one more word my brain is going to explode.”

After hours of studying, you just can’t look at a book or computer screen anymore. You may as well be reading gibberish; you understand nothing.

9. “If I fall asleep, will you wake me up?”

Sometimes unexpected naps happen – you put your head down for a minute to rest and wake up hours later. Making sure your roommate has your back and will shake you awake if you doze off is especially important on days when you’re particularly exhausted.

10. “Can you quiz me?”

If you have to learn a bunch of terms or vocabulary words, having your roommate quiz you can be really helpful in terms of helping you remember.

Getting through midterms can feel like climbing up a mountain in the middle of a blizzard, but having a supportive roommate who you can vent to is guaranteed to make it a little easier. Bonding through exhaustion is one of the best ways to bond.

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