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Jan 07 2017
by Fresh U Editors

10 Beanies for the Beginning of Spring Semester

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 07 2017

As the beginning of the spring semester starts, a lot of schools are experiencing a downfall of snow. To battle the snow that will either leave your hair frozen, wet, dripping, etc., here are Fresh U's top picks for hats to keep you warm in the next few months!

1. These trendy cable knit beanies.


With 43 colors, you're sure to find one you like! These cable knit beanies are sure to keep your head warm in snowfall!

2. These fleece lined beanies.

Complete with a pom pom, these beanies will keep your ears warm with "chunky knit construction" for comfort.

3. These multi-colored beanies.


If you're looking to add more color to your headwear, these quad colored hats will do the trick! Whether that means adding a little bit of blue or red, they're sure to make you look a lot cooler, even in the cold weather. 

4. These "bad hair day" hats.


Running late to class? These hats are the perfect scapegoat for when you're out of time in the morning and you've got your 9:00 AM class in two minutes. If nothing else works out, at least your hair isn't out of control.

5. These trapper hats.


Looking to resemble Catcher in the Rye? These trapper hats will keep your head, ears and chin warm when the snow whips at you at 30 miles an hour. Trust me, it can happen. 

6. These varsity beanies.


Named as varsity beanies and coming in 8 different colors, these hats will not only keep your head warm, the varsity stripes are trending in style, so they're sure to keep you looking cool.

7. These Carhartt beanies.


Somehow coming back to style, these beanies come in tons of different colors in order to keep you nice and warm in the snowy weather. 

8. These beanies with pom pom ears. 


You know how power buns are coming back? These trendy hats give you the look without the hassle. Coming in seven different colors, you can find the one to match your hair! Even if it's bright red. Or blue. Or completely white. 

9. This cupcake beanie.


You need a hat. Neff has one. It looks like a cupcake. What's not to love? 

10. This emoji beanie.


Looking to put emoji's on your head? Probably not, but the classic smiley face is worth while. This hat is a trendy twist on a classic icon. 

While waiting for the snow to stop, why not stock up on the best hats to keep you nice and warm for the first few months of the spring semester? 

Lead Image Credit: Cole Patrick via Unsplash

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