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Nov 01 2017
by Flynn Osman

How to Throw a Friendsgiving

By Flynn Osman - Nov 01 2017

The holiday season is approaching! It's time for family, friends, great food and a break from school. As we're getting older, we are beginning to balance out our time efficiently. Spending time with family is important, but celebrating the holidays with your friends is as well! Spending time with those you care about should always be cherished. Below is a list on how to throw a Friendsgiving this holiday season.  

1. Plan your location.

Hosting any holiday event, especially Thanksgiving, is a huge commitment. Speak with your group and decide who is willing and comfortable to host the gathering. Once a location is set, that sets in motion the planning, now that your group is aware of the space, distance from your own homes and any other factors that can effect planning such as pets, other relatives, etc.

2. Assign everyone a dish to make, or go potluck style.

No matter how large the group is, it is only appropriate that everyone lends in a hand with the main attraction: the food. Make a list with your group deciding what food you would like to be on the table and assign everyone a dish to either bring or make the day of. Or, if your group decides to take a simpler route, try a potluck style dinner. Again, make a list of food you'd like or leave suspense and have everyone bring their own dishes; either approach to the meal works. There is no need to have the traditional Thanksgiving dishes to have a successful dinner with your friends.

3. Time everything accordingly.

Even if your group decides to do a potluck dinner instead of cooking the entire meal, having an idea of how you want to spend the event will decrease the stress in planning it. Make a short list planning out what time guests should arrive, an estimate of what time you would want to eat dinner and possibly a time to bring the night to a close. Mapping out things as simply as that could really help with having at least a basic of idea of how the event will go.

4. Make a playlist.

Whether you choose pop, smooth jazz or the soundtrack from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, no event is complete without some kind of music playing. Pick your desired Spotify playlist or even make a custom one with your friends! It adds a little extra to the gathering, especially if everyone puts in their favorite tunes.

5. Decorate.

It's the holidays! Make your space cozy and welcoming. Put a tablecloth down, get some candles, hang some lights and maybe some turkey-esque decorations, or go in the complete opposite direction. No matter how you choose to decorate, dressing up the space makes the occasion a bit more special than another ordinary dinner with friends.

6. Dress comfortably.

You're hanging out with your closest friends and you're going to be eating your weight in food. By dressing comfortably, you eliminate that awful feeling of your skinny jeans at the end of the night.  You will thank yourself once the food coma hits.

6. Clean up together.

Thanksgiving is an event that takes a substantial amount of effort. Everyone came together to make it happen, so everyone should pitch in to clean up the aftermath. It makes it go by faster and cleaning up the wonderful mess your group made allows more time to spend together. It also makes it easier on the person hosting so they aren't left doing everyone's dishes.

7. Have fun!

The holidays can be a very stressful time of the year. We set these expectations to make the events perfect, but when it comes down to it, it's time to come together, enjoy each other's company and eat some very good food. Don't waste your time stressing about it, and enjoy the chaos of being with your friends.

So, grab your friends and throw yourselves a Friendsgiving! Whether it's with your friends from home during the break or your newly made friends from college, celebrate together! It's the perfect time of the year to spend time with those you care about and you get food. It's a win win situation.

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Flynn Osman - Marymount Manhattan College

Flynn Osman is a freshman at Marymount Manhattan College pursuing a B.A. in Theatre Arts with a Double Concentration in Directing and Writing for the Stage. In high school she interned at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago writing critiques for the 2015-2016 show season. She has also written a play that was produced at the Madison Street Theatre in Oak Park, IL. Currently, she is a contributing writer for FreshU. Social Media: Instagram: @flynnosman_ Blog: Blog Instagram: _barefaced

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