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Dec 18 2017
by Flynn Osman

5 Fun Ways to Spend The Holidays in New York City

By Flynn Osman - Dec 18 2017

It's that time of year!  The fall semester is wrapping up, snow is beginning to fall and Christmas music seems to be playing on repeat.  Even though finals are consuming our souls and draining every ounce of time we have left before going home for the holidays, here are some fun (and free) activities you can do in New York City during your study breaks.

1. Visit the Rockefeller Tree 

In Midtown Manhattan the area is completely decked out for the holidays, but at the heart of it all is the big tree itself.  On November 29th they had the ceremonial tree lighting with live performances as well.  If you missed it this year, that's okay!  This 94-foot fern isn't going anywhere.  Grab some friends and take some pictures with this monstrous decoration!

2. View the holiday windows on Saks Fifth Avenue.

After visiting the tree hop on over to Saks Fifth Avenue and take a peek at the elaborate holiday windows they have displayed! Every year it's something different, the details are truly beautiful.  This year, the window theme is Snow White! 

3. Stroll through a winter wonderland in Central Park.

Central Park is a different world all on its own.  But covered in snow, even more magical. Have a snowball fight, take some pictures by the frozen ponds or simply choose one of the many paths it has and take a walk through this winter wonderland.

4. Walk through the Christmas market in Union Square.

Now this one does include money if you choose to buy something, but just walking through the market is just as fun!  There's nothing this place doesn't have. The vendors sell things from handmade soap to local artists work.  Need to do some holiday shopping?  This is the place to do it.  

5. Go Christmas light-viewing in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.

Still miss the more traditional spectacle of houses being covered in lights?  Go on over to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn and you will see plenty.  Many of the homes are professionally decorated, but either way they will give you that nostalgic feel of suburban holiday spirit.

We're in the home stretch!  Doing well on your finals is very important, but so are taking breaks in moderation.  You are in New York City after all.  If you're able to, I highly recommend dedicating some time in your busy schedule to enjoy this magnificent city and the Christmas cheer it has to share.  Happy holidays!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Flynn Osman - Marymount Manhattan College

Flynn Osman is a freshman at Marymount Manhattan College pursuing a B.A. in Theatre Arts with a Double Concentration in Directing and Writing for the Stage. In high school she interned at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago writing critiques for the 2015-2016 show season. She has also written a play that was produced at the Madison Street Theatre in Oak Park, IL. Currently, she is a contributing writer for FreshU. Social Media: Instagram: @flynnosman_ Blog: Blog Instagram: _barefaced

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