It can be hard to stay motivated after the weather changes, but with these few suggestions I promise you will have the best winter ever. 

1.  Keep exercising.

I know all you want to do is stay in bed and watch movies, but trust me when I say that exercising will be more beneficial than you even know. Not only will the boost in endorphins keep you active and happy but it will also help you feel less guilty while indulging in all of your favorite yummy winter foods.  

2. Plan fun winter events with your friends.

Winter brings a whole bunch of new activities for you and your friends to participate in. Plan a group outing to the winter market or check to see if your town has a local ice skating rink. Not only is this insanely fun (and usually pretty hilarious), but also think of the cute Instagram opportunities. If you can't face going outside, then plan a day of snuggly fun with your friends by baking cookies and watching holiday movies. 

 3. Embrace winter fashion.

With the new season comes a new winter wardrobe. You can finally pull out your favorite boots and softest scarf. Maybe even experiment with some of the trends of the colder season and buy yourself a couple of new winter wardrobe items. 

4. Enjoy comfort foods.

Whether is it whatever the new Starbucks mocha drink is or your mom's ginger cookies — there is no denying that with the drop in temperature comes a whole load of new exciting food options. Indulge in the craziest hot chocolates and eat mac and cheese for days.

5. Get festive.

Winter is basically a synonym for festive, as it seemingly revolves around the holidays. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukah or simply just love the movie "Elf," make sure you are embracing all of the cheesy festive fun during the winter (and have an ugly holiday sweater on at all times).    

6. Remember the semester is almost over.

Don't let the first day that you have to pull out your winter coat be a sad day — instead, think of it as one day closer to going home! The drop of the temperature means the ending of the semester and the closer you are to home cooked meals and your own bed. 

Getting through the winter will be easier than ever, you may even be sad when it ends!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels