There are so many things you already have to worry about when you start college, so don't let laundry be one of them. With these few simple "do-nots," I promise you will be a laundry pro by the time you go back home for Thanksgiving break. 

1. Don't forget to clean off the lint from the dryer. 

It is simple laundry etiquette. Nothing is worse than having fresh laundry covered in lint, so don't forget to clear off the lint catcher after you finish using the dyer. You wouldn't want it to happen to you. Make sure it doesn't happen to the next person who uses the machine.  

2. Don't do laundry alone. 

Laundry can be boring, so make sure to bring a friend on your laundry adventure. Make it a weekly date with you and your BFF, a dinner and laundry date. Trust me, it will make the painful minutes of separating whites from colors go a lot faster. 

3. Don't forget your detergent.

Nothing is worse than finally separating your colors and swiping your college campus cash card, just to realize you left your detergent all the way upstairs. Sometimes you may get lucky and a kind soul will offer you some of theirs, but why risk it? 

Pro tip: Keep your detergent by your laundry basket so you never have that depressing journey back to your dorm simply to pick up your Tide Pods. 

4. Don't wait to do laundry until you have no clean underwear left.

I know it's annoying, but do not wait until you are on your absolute last clean pair of socks to do your laundry. You don't want to wake up one morning late for a class, only to realize you have no clean underwear left and have to wear yesterday's pair.

5. Don't forget your clothes in the dryer. 

Don't be that kid who leaves their laundry in the dryer for multiple hours. Not only is this annoying for others who may be waiting to use the machine, but it also reduces the risk of someone simply taking your clothes out for you and placing them god knows where. Set a timer on your phone so you are always prompt to pick up your freshly laundered clothing. 

6. Don't mix whites and colors.

Want hot pink underwear and red socks? No? Well then always, always, always make sure you are separating your white clothes from your colored clothing. Even one pesky little red sock can turn your entire collection of white shirts baby pink. 

7. Don't put your t-shirts on too hot of a dryer temperature.

Crop tops are cute, but in moderation. Make sure to not put your thin t-shirt on too hot of a temperature in the dryer, or else you will end up with way more tight and cropped shirts than one ever needs. 

8. Don't forget to fold your clothes straight out of the dryer

Always try to fold your clothes when you are taking them out of the dryer and putting them back into your laundry basket. This way you avoid immediate wrinkles, and also, who are we kidding, you were never actually going to do it once you got back to your dorm. Doing it straight away will make the putting of clothes back into your drawers a lot less of a daunting task. 

9. Don't forget to check your pockets.

One of the easiest ways to ruin your favorite chapstick is to leave it in your jeans' back pocket on a laundry day. Always make sure to check every pocket to avoid tissue expositions or destruction of favorite pens. 

Laundry is honestly really simple and can even be fun if you just follow these simple rules!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels