Wondering how you are going to survive college without your daily pep talks and giggles with your high school squad? Well, with the technology and social media platforms available to us these days, you and your BFFs can continue your gossip sessions even from halfway across the country. Here's how.

1. Make a Snapchat group chat.

Text group chats can get overwhelming and annoying, which is why Snapchat group chats are the perfect way to stay in touch with your friends while you are at college. One simple three-second snap will keep you and your squad updated on what everyone is doing.  Also, the beauty of the Snap group chat is that it ensures that everyone in the squad is receiving the same updates, so it reinforces the closeness of the friend group. 

2. Know each other's schedules. 

College can be hectic, so make sure you that you are aware of when all of your best friends have classes and other commitments. This way you can schedule Facetimes for when you are both walking to class, or even be aware that you need to keep your friend entertained from 2-3:30 p.m. because they're stuck in a boring lecture. 

3. Become friends with their new friends.

Obviously you want your BFFs to make new friends and to flourish at college, but everyone has to admit that it's a little hard to hear your best friend gushing over how much they love their new roommate. However, instead of letting jealously take over try to connect with your BFF's new college friends. Make an effort to introduce yourself to them if they happen to be with your friend during Facetimes and even go as far as to follow them on social media. By embracing their new friends, not only are you gaining a larger network of friends but you are also ensuring that you are staying relevant and up to date on your high school BFF's new life. 

4. Keep in touch with their family.

Your best friend's family is basically your second family, so you better be keeping them updated on your new life. I can assure you that your BFF's mom is just as worried about how you are fitting into college as they are their own child, so text them every now and again just to stay in touch! I even suggest having a squad mother/daughter group chat just so everyone feels as if they are still connected. I promise your mom is just as sad that you aren't all hanging out in her kitchen as you are. 

5. Know when they are going home.

Sometimes college breaks don't completely match up, so make sure you know when your friends are headed back home. Try and make sure there is at least one day that your whole squad is in town so you can have a full day together before you head back to your various new college lives. 

6. Plan visits.

Nothing beats going back to your hometown and planning reunions at all of your squad's favorite old spots, but going to visit your friends can help break up that time in-between school breaks. Plan to visit your friends during long weekends, that way you get to spend time with your BFF and also get to see their new life and experience it with them. 

The bond you made with your high school squad runs deep, so deep that not even the distance between California and New York can break it. By following these few tips, I ensure you that you and your best friends will remain close even throughout these four years of separation.

Lead Image Credit: Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash